Vendor exhibition


During the conference a traditional vendor exhibition will be held next to the registration desk and coffee service area on the first floor lobby and next to the lecture hall and coffee service area on the second floor lobby.

Participating companies

Included in the package:

Not included in the package:

The reserved places are given out on the first-come-first-served basis.
Price: 1250 EUR. Deadline for reserving the exhibition package is March 2nd, 2017.

Exhibition package reservations and registering to the conference:

Reserve the exhibition package for the company and register one participant
by emailing to

1. Name and contact info of the participant (ONE participant/company is included).

2. Contact info of the company (details for sending the invoice).
Confirmation and invoice of the exhibition package will be (e)mailed

3. Email the company logo and the one-page ad in PDF format.

Register other possible participants of your company using the on-line registration form.
Book your accommodation: please see the list of Congress hotels.

Contact information:
Ella Hänninen, Suomen fyysikkoseura ry/Finnish Physical Society
tel +358 (0)2941 50523, email

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