Poster sessions


1.p. Astrophysics, cosmology and subatomic physics

1.p.1. M. Myllys: Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Coupling Efficiency and Polar Cap Potential Saturation
1.p.2. A. Mishev: Modelling of Atmospheric Ionization due to Energetic Particles with Various Population
1.p.3. A. Mishev: Analysis of Ground Level Enhancements using Neutron Monitor Data
1.p.4. E. Tuominen: Instrumentation of physics in Detector Laboratory
1.p.5. J. Joutsenvaara: Status of underground cosmic-ray experiment EMMA
1.p.6. J. Pomoell: Modeling the Sun-To-Earth Evolution of Coronal Mass Ejections with EUHFORIA
1.p.7. I. Jeba Raj: The role of the helical kink instability in solar coronal ejections
1.p.8. T. Naaranoja: Performance of the Diamond Timing Detectors for the TOTEM Upgrade
1.p.9. G. Misitano: The intrinsic background of carbon based scintillators
1.p.10. M. Slupecki: The Fast Interaction Trigger for ALICE Upgrade
1.p.11. M. Berretti: Central diffraction, Timing detectors, Protons spectrometers at the LHC
1.p.12. N. Koivunen: SU(3)C × SU(3)L × U(1)X gauge symmetry and fermion mass hierarchy
1.p.13. M. Hukkanen: Experimental determination of the transition strength between the ground states of 20F and 20Ne
1.p.14. A. Kankainen: Measurement of key resonance states for the 30P(p,γ)31S reaction rate and the production of intermediate-mass elements in nova explosions
1.p.15. N. Olspert: From periods to cycles: new methods applied to solar, stellar and “in silico” data
1.p.16. F. Oljemark: Studies of elastic, inelastic and total proton-proton cross sections with TOTEM at the LHC
1.p.17. K. Loo: Measured flux and angular distribution of cosmic-ray muons in Canfranc underground laboratory
1.p.18. A. Isavnin: Multipoint analysis of CME-CME interaction
1.p.19. R. Järvinen:
Volatile loss from Mars driven by the solar wind: Formation of heavy ion plume from the ionosphere
1.p.20. T. Getachew: Structure of the photospheric magnetic field during sector crossings of the heliospheric magnetic field
1.p.21. A.M. Hamada: Automated detection of coronal hole based on SOHO/EIT and SDO/AIA synoptic maps through solar cycles 23 and 24
1.p.22. H. Gholizade: Scattering cross section of relativistic electrons at atmosphere
1.p.23. R. Hynönen: The relationship of ULF waves in the solar wind and on ground during solar cycle 23
1.p.24. K. Mursula: Solar wind effects to northern winter climate
1.p.25. M. Alho: Comets in the Young Solar System: Hybrid Plasma Model Results
1.p.26. T. Calverley: Combined Conversion Electron and ?-ray Spectroscopy of 250Fm
1.p.27. I. Sillanpää: Van Allen Probes Data Analysis on Magnetospheric Electrons

2.p. Soft matter physics

2.p.1. N. Aho: Effects of Cardiolipin Oxidation on the Cytochrome bc1 Complex
2.p.2. T. Ylitalo: Characterization of bioactive glass S53P4 by ultra sound microscopy and scanning white light interferometry
2.p.3. J. Kim: Fractal beat rate variations in heart cells
2.p.4. P. Ahvenainen: Combined X-ray scattering and X-ray microtomography set-up reveals novel information on plant structures
2.p.5. M. Alcanzare: Propulsion and Controlled Steering of Nanohelices

3.p. Quantum technology

3.p.1. E. Damskägg: Squeezing of quantum noise of motion in a micromechanical resonator
3.p.2. R. Schmidt: On the role of non-Markovianity in the thermodynamics of driven open quantum systems
3.p.3. J. Ikonen: Energy-efficient quantum computing
3.p.4. K. Y. Tan: Tunable electromagnetic environment of a superconducting resonator realized through a quantum-circuit refrigerator
3.p.5. M. Ahlskog: Electronic transport in multiwalled carbon nanotubes
3.p.6. R. Kokkoniemi: Quantum Gates for Propagating Microwave Photons
3.p.7. J. Zhou: Quantum optomechanics
3.p.8. M. Tomi: Thermal effects and heat flow in graphene Josephson junctions: prospects for ultra-sensitive bolometers
3.p.9. T. Elo: Evidence of universal noise fluctuations in graphene
3.p.10. M. Partanen: Tunable environment with normal-metal components for circuit quantum electrodynamics
3.p.11. M. Jenei: Error counting in quantum current metrology
3.p.12. J. T. Santos: Coupling macroscopic quartz resonators near the ground state to nanoelectronics

4.p. Atomic and molecular physics

4.p.1. A. Giatzoglou: Towards gamma-ray coherent emission in ultracold 135mCs
4.p.2. T. Ollikainen: Counterdiabatic vortex pump in spinor Bose-Einstein condensates
4.p.3. A. Kivimäki: Negative-ion-positive-ion coincidence spectroscopy is used to study molecular fragmentation following core excitation and core ionization
4.p.4. A. J. Karttunen: Thermoelectric properties of hybrid zinc oxide-organic superlattices deposited on cotton textile substrates
4.p.5. A. Karjalainen: Effect of growth conditions on lattice defects in strontium titanate (SrTiO3)
4.p.6. K. Tiurev: Evolution of an isolated monopole in a spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensate

5.p. Applied physics and instrumentation

5.p.1. U. Vainio: X-ray scattering facilities at Nanomicroscopy Center in Aalto University
5.p.2. S. Inkinen: Direct observation of oxygen vacancy-driven structural and resistive phase transitions in La2/3Sr1/3MnO3
5.p.3. L. D. Yao: In-situ transmission electron microscopy of functional materials
5.p.4. C. Tossi: OptoBio: conversion of light for the production of fuels using cell factories
5.p.5. V. Korpelainen: Intercomparison of step height measurements using AFM, profilometer and SEM in Northern Europe
5.p.6. S. El Youbi: An off-line ion guide quadrupole mass spectrometer (IGQMS) system
5.p.7. M. Vilen: New off-line ion sources for the IGISOL facility
5.p.8. M. Järvinen: Soft nanometer height standards for calibration
5.p.9. J. Huotari: Vanadium oxide nanostructures as selective and sensitive gas detector material for reduction of NOx emissions
5.p.10. A. Torgovkin: Superconducting titanium nitride thin films and devices produced by the pulsed laser deposition technique
5.p.11. T. Kamppinen: High-Q micromechanical resonator as a probe of superfluid 4He in the ballistic regime
5.p.12. H. Rytkönen: Optical transparency measurements of linear alkylbenzene samples with a camera based device
5.p.13. S. Majumdar: X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of electric-field- controlled interface effects in multiferroic tunnel junctions
5.p.14. J. Lappalainen: Phase Structure Polymorphs and Dislocation Effects on Metal-Insulator-Transition of Nanostructured VO2 Films
5.p.15. E. Mykkänen: Reducing current noise in cryogenic experiment by cable study
5.p.16. J-M. Louhelainen: Use of patient-specific 3D printed bolus in electron field radiotherapy
5.p.17. T. Juntunen: Flexible thermoelectrics: from low-dimensional materials to large-area applications
5.p.18. An. A. Nikitin: Coupled spin-electromagnetic waves in all-thin-film multiferroic multilayers
5.p.19. Al. A. Nikitin: Dual tunable thin-film magnonic crystal based on a width modulated slot-line
5.p.20. A.B. Ustinov: Spin-wave self-generation in ferrite-film active ring oscillator
5.p.21. R. Pärna: Status of the FinEstBeaMS beamline at MAX-IV laboratory
5.p.22. L.B. Wang: Low temperature thermometry based on superconductor-normal metal-superconductor Josephson junctions
5.p.23. M. J. Hokkanen: The interaction of mobile liquid fronts with nanoparticles: purification of carbon nanotube depositions

6.p. Optical physics

6.p.1. F. Freire Fernández: Active control of surface plasmon polaritons in silver films with a magnetic grating coupler
6.p.2. S. Pourjamal: Magneto-Optical Faraday Effects in Hybrid Au/SiO2/ Ni Dimer Lattices
6.p.3. T. Kerst: Dynamic Enhancement of Radioluminescence in Solar Blind Spectral Region
6.p.4. A. Penttilä: Laboratory measurements of full-mueller-matrix single-particle scattering
6.p.5. P. Helander: 3D super-resolution imaging
6.p.6. A. Slablab: Nonlinear optical response of doubly-resonant aluminum nanoclocks
6.p.7. A.-P. Honkanen: X-ray standing waves as a tool for transition- and site-selective X-ray spectroscopy
6.p.8. V. Kivijärvi: Diffraction-compensating metamaterial slab waveguides
6.p.9. J. Tiihonen: Optical properties of half-oblate spherodial semiconductor quantum dots

7.p. Cluster and nucleation physics

7.p.1. A. Venäläinen: Size-dependent ferromagnetism in assemblies of palladium nanoclusters
7.p.2. M. A. Zaidan: Machine learning classifier for determining aerosol particle formation days

8.p. Computational physics

8.p.1. C. Fridlund: Simulations of ion-beam induced atom-mixing over Si/ SiO2 interfaces for preparation of concentration profiles
8.p.2. V. Thakore: Stochastic thermodynamics of a dragged nanocolloid hydrodynamically coupled to a fluid heat bath
8.p.3. F. Granberg: Irradiation induced defect and dislocation evolution in equiatomic multicomponent alloys
8.p.4. J. Tang: Nano cool, micro cooler: Enhanced infrared reflectance from composites with low bandgap semiconducting microinclusions
8.p.5. J. Kontula: Particle orbit following in a stellarator fusion reactor
8.p.6. M. Gritsevich: Shapes and rotational properties of selected Hilda and Trojan asteroids
8.p.7. M. Partanen: Comparison of Monte Carlo codes for small-field dose calculation in external beam radiotherapy
8.p.8. J. Byggmästar: Thermal activation of edge dislocation unpinning from obstacles in iron
8.p.9. J. Järvi: Multi-scale modeling of hybrid perovskite photovoltaics
8.p.10. P. Ollus: The good, the bad and the ugly in fusion energy
8.p.11. T. T. Rantala: Simulating quantum dynamics of many electron systems

9.p. Surface physics

9.p.1. E. Holmstrom: Using DFT and post-DFT methods to predict the interaction of water with SrTiO3
9.p.2. H. Qin: Ultra-low spin wave damping in single-crystal yttrium iron garnet films
9.p.3. A. Kumar: Intrinsic electronic properties of honeycomb metal-organic network
9.p.4. M. Huda: Epitaxial growth of lateral graphene/hexagonal boron nitride heterostructures
9.p.5. K. Banerjee: Molecular charge transfer complexes on graphene
9.p.6. J. Puustinen: Surface valence state and phase structural analysis of nanostructured WO3
9.p.7. B. Alldritt: Intermediate states of graphene nanoribbons on Cu(111)
9.p.8. M. Tuominen: Structural properties of Al2O3/InAs(100) interfaces with and without pre-oxidized crystalline surfaces

10.p. Condensed matter theory

10.p.1. R. Ojajärvi: Eliashberg equations and superconductivity in flat band surface states of rhombohedral graphite
10.p.2. P. Menczel: Fundamental Restrictions on Coherent Work Extraction in Open Quantum Systems
10.p.3. A. Deger: Lee-Yang Zeros and Large-Deviation Statistics for a Molecular Zipper
10.p.4. T. J. Peltonen: Possibility of superconductivity in doped twisted bilayer graphene
10.p.5. J. Koskelo: Excitons in van der Waals materials: From monolayer to bulk hexagonal boron nitride
10.p.6. S. Mi: Cross-channel electron waiting times of a multi- terminal scatterer
10.p.7. F. Aikebaier: Supercurrent induced nonequilibrium effects in mesoscopic superconductors with Zeeman splitting
10.p.8. A. Lopez-Cazalilla: Nanoripples production on a-Si and a-Ge surfaces under Ar irradiation
10.p.9. A. Ilinov: Mechanisms of surface nanostructuring in amorphous Si
10.p.10. P. Kumar: Interaction-Induced Topological and Magnetic Phases in the Hofstadter-Hubbard Model

11.p. Physics education research

11.p.1. J. Joutsenvaara: About the educational possibilities of cosmic ray school projects
11.p.2. T. Ruuskanen: New openings of atmospheric science in higher education

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